Hi! I'm DSM Griffin (but call me Griff), a European (have been described as British), male human who is trying to become an awesome storyteller. My views and opinions (like my hair and teeth) are my own.

I've built my career so far in marketing (I currently work for Amazon UK as a marketing manager), gaining several qualifications and experience across multiple industries like education, hospitality and retail. I enjoy my work, from the strategic challenge of developing the right products for the right people, to the creative challenge of designing and delivering impactful marketing campaigns. Oh, and I love spreadsheets. I also love stories - I collect them through reading, gaming (I'm a geek) and generally stumbling through life. Now I want to write and share my own stories. This website is a hub for all of my characters, worlds and stories - plus my non-fiction rants on writing and marketing. I hope you enjoy.


Learning from the masters
Knowing how to analyse a story is one of the first lessons we all need to learn as writers. By analysing our favourite stories we...
Game Review: Tyranny
Sometimes, evil wins. Tyranny is a game where there was no last minute hero, no deus ex machina, no chosen one. Only an evil villain...
Best Books & Blogs on Writing
When learning any skill you need a good teacher (think Yoda with a pencil instead of a lightsaber), but anyone who has tried writing soon...
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