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Welcome! I’m DSM Griffin (but you can call me Griff) – a fantasy and sci-fi writer focused on telling stories about characters trying to create (or escape) their own destinies. I take my inspiration from my favourite authors (particularly Pratchett, Atwood, and Sanderson) to try and write cool, witty, and interesting stories and characters for you to enjoy. Oh, I also write books on marketing and storytelling because that’s my day job and I’m very good at it.

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Mind Altering Substances


So I finally finished my first short story! 2,000 words have never felt like a more gargantuan effort but it is worth it. And even though I’m not 100% happy with the final product, I’ve come to terms that I never will be and that this is a growing, natural process where I will start off shite but get better (hopefully) with every new word I write and re-write. Anyway, enough whining...