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Welcome to my website! I’m DSM Griffin (but you can call me Griff) – a fantasy and sci-fi writer who wants to tell you awesome stories about cool characters in difficult situations. Oh, I also write books on marketing because that’s my day job and I’m very good at it.

I believe that good fantasy and sci-fi stories are vital in helping us to temporarily escape from our everyday lives and become the larger than life heroes and villains that we always dream of being. My mission is to create worlds that are filled with characters and stories for you to fall into and to explore. I hope that my stories can one day inspire you the same way that other people’s stories have inspired me.

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Latest stories

Mind Altering Substances


So I finally finished my first short story! 2,000 words have never felt like a more gargantuan effort but it is worth it. And even though I’m not 100% happy with the final product, I’ve come to terms that I never will be and that this is a growing, natural process where I will start off shite but get better (hopefully) with every new word I write and re-write. Anyway, enough whining...

A little about me

My full name is Daniel SM Griffin (but call me Griff), a European (have been described as British), male human. My views and opinions (like my hair and teeth) are my own.

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