Press Start: Gamification and Marketing


Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your business as engaging as a computer game? …And not just a computer game either – sports, board games, and even the playground games that we all played as children all hold the ability to enthral us and draw us into the game itself. We forget our surroundings and troubles, we focus on the game’s objectives, and we enter a state of...

Jormun Walks Amongst Us


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You should never throw away your work


I’ve written the first half of my first novel roughly six times. Six. 6. The number above five and below seven. The legal drinking age in a working man’s club when you’re there with your grandad. You get the picture. Six. This is not me wildly exaggerating how many times I’ve done this. I still have the shortcuts in my Scrivener folder for each attempt – each one a...

Why I’m using a typewriter


I randomly bought a typewriter a few years ago in a charity shop (one of those fancy charity shops that try and look boutique). I don’t know why… I’m a tech geek through and through, it just looked cool I guess… And it was a bargain, I love a bargain. That typewriter sat unused on a shelf for two years though before I even tried to see if it worked or not! Luckily for me...

How I plan short stories in 5 questions


I’ve been writing more short stories lately, and while I enjoy free-writing them (something I can’t do with longer works), I’m finding that my first drafts have been consistently terrible, needing rewrite after rewrite to get them to the same standards of my other work. I’ve been trying not to constrain myself too much when doing short fiction, but I am a planner by nature...

The world-building of Dishonored


I’ve been playing Dishonored again recently (I obviously recommend it) – a first-person stealth game where you play as Corvo, the empress’s bodyguard who is framed for her murder and the disappearance of the heir to the throne. You then get the choice of going on a bloody rampage or being a sneaky bastard to put things right. The game was acclaimed largely for its amazing game...

Mind Altering Substances


So I finally finished my first short story! 2,000 words have never felt like a more gargantuan effort but it is worth it. And even though I’m not 100% happy with the final product, I’ve come to terms that I never will be and that this is a growing, natural process where I will start off shite but get better (hopefully) with every new word I write and re-write. Anyway, enough whining...

What I learned from Stephen King’s On Writing


I’ve just finished reading Stephen King’s writing advice book ‘On Writing‘. King is a prolific and successful author who has a lot to say about the craft, and as every writing website demands that you read it, I read it. The first part of the book is King’s memoir – a very speedy run-through of some of the formative moments in his life that shaped him into the...

Why you need an email list


An email list is exactly what it sounds like – a list of email addresses that you can use to communicate with. It is a vital part of any marketing toolkit as it should hopefully be the contact information of everyone you know of who is interested in you, your products, and your knowledge. But why email? Isn’t email dead? Didn’t Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, whatever...

Worldbuilding: Sanderson’s Laws for Magic


If you are even slightly interested in the fantasy genre you should have come across the works of Brandon Sanderson. The man is a PROLIFIC writer of excellent fantasy and has written several of my favourite books (most notably the Mistborn series). Sanderson puts a ridiculous amount of work into his worldbuilding (but knows how much to show the reader – no crazy info-dumps here), and is...

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