“A reader lives a thousand lives before they die” – better check out my books then…

I have two types of book

I’m a writer of two halves. One side of me is a professional marketer, the other a professional dreamer. Because of this, I write under two names: Daniel Griffin produces marketing and consumer psychology guides, whereas DSM Griffin produces fantasy, science-fiction, and short stories.

Best to not get them confused or you might end up reading about marketing strategy when you actually wanted swords and sorcerers!

The Splintered Gods Series

Jormun Walks
Work in Progress

This is my epic fantasy series that spans multiple books and characters and is currently a WIP.

Jormun Walks Among Us is the first title of the series and follows Clockwork, an engineer in the isolated city of Leafspire who dreams of escaping the slums and becoming a noble. But he quickly finds out that dreams come with a price, as he quickly becomes entangled in a plot to overthrow the King and the very society he wants to be a part of.


Written specifically for marketing professionals, Press Start shows readers how to take the most engaging elements from games and apply them to a marketing strategy.

Gamification has long been seen as just ‘points and badges’ but I will show you how to build engaging experiences at every step of your customer journey – drawing from motivational psychology, marketing best-practices, and a wide range of successful real-world case studies.