Ira Glass on Being Creative

A fantastic video stylising an interview with Ira Glass on the difficulty of being creative, specifically:

  • When you first start out, you know your work is crap
  • But you know your work is crap because you have good taste
  • Most people quit at this stage – don’t!
  • Everyone goes through this stage, and the only way to get through it is to do the work
  • The more work you do, the more you close the gap between your taste and your skill

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as me – I regularly re-watch it, especially when I’m writing my terrible first drafts (although they are getting better with every re-write).

I suppose the only real worry now is whether my taste is good enough to begin with! We often aren’t aware of what we don’t know, and too many writers are often blissfully unaware of their own shortcomings (I often see requests for marketing help from authors who declare that their work is ‘perfect’ but they just can’t sell it – then reading their manuscripts you realise just how subjective ‘perfect’ can be…).


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