Privacy Policy

Let’s keep this simple.

I use various tools (like Google Analytics and Hello Bar) to anonymously monitor how you use this website, and to customise what you see and how you see it – e.g. I track what pages you visit and how long you stay there for, then use this info to inform my choices about what blogs I should keep writing. This is all done through cookies – small trackers that are put on your computer by most websites to collect this anonymous data. Learn more about cookies from our friends at the BBC. If you don’t want to be tracked, you can change your preferences in your browser settings to block all cookies, or just block cookies from certain websites.

The only identifiable data I collect on you is any data that you freely give me (usually by signing up for my newsletter – giving me your name and email address). You should know 3 things about how I use this data:

  1. I will never share it with a 3rd party without your express permission (unless I’m legally obligated to by a court of law)
  2. I will only use the data for the intended purpose that you have given me explicit consent for, e.g. if you give me your name and email for a newsletter, I won’t then use this information to target advertising at you
  3. I will store the data in a secure environment and alert you within 7 business days if there has been a breach

Finally, you have a right to ask me to provide you what data I hold on you, and a right to make me factually update or delete this data from my records at any time.

If you have any questions on this policy or how it affects you, please email me at [email protected]

A little about me

My full name is Daniel SM Griffin (but call me Griff), a European (have been described as British), male human. My views and opinions (like my hair and teeth) are my own.

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