The Awkward First Post

First things first, the word awkward makes me itch. I know it’s spelt correctly, but it looks so wrong and makes me want to scratch my eyes out with a spoon.

Anyway, hello! This is my new website (so please ignore the mess and sorry about all the gaps). A place where I write random crap about what I’m writing about (I know it’s all horribly meta). This is the usual first post that every new website owner makes to plant a flag in the ground and say “I have written a blog”.

So besides this odd -broken at the starting line- mess of a blog, what can you expect from me?

  1. Free short stories every month set in the worlds of my fantasy/sci-fi novels (oooh, aaah)
  2. Monthly updates from me on my writing progress (it’s going to be full-on self-loathing)
  3. Reviews of my favourite books and games (mostly nostalgia and warm feelings)
  4. Me trying to be all yoda and impart wisdom on being a better writer, marketer and geek

My goal is to make you less bored – so if this sounds boring, definitely DO NOT:

I’m going to be posting one blog a week going forward (rotating through the four subjects above) and I will share them through Facebook and email once they are live. This post is kind of an odd one out though, so I’ll give a little update now on what I’m working on and my progress to date.

[pmc_box background_color=”#4188d3″ border_color=”#4188d3″ text_color=”#ffffff” ]SHORT STORIES[/pmc_box]

Each month I’ll share my latest short story on this website for free. Each short story is going to be tied to the fantasy and sci-fi worlds which I’m writing about in my longer novels, but they will explore side characters, new locations, and referenced events which my novels won’t cover.

My aim is to build a really in-depth world from multiple angles, but also to develop myself as a writer by practicing different genres, voices, and styles in a medium that I can quickly iterate on. Or said without the bullshit: I’m going to be experimental as fuck and the short stories may be shit for a while – but bear with me and they will get good, I promise!

My first set of short stories is going to focus on Clay, a golem who has gained consciousness and is exploring the world with new eyes (not literally, that would be gross). I’m drafting a few different plots with the aim of exploring the fantasy world I am building, and investigating the theme of ‘what makes us human’.

[pmc_box background_color=”#4188d3″ border_color=”#4188d3″ text_color=”#ffffff” ]JORMUN WALKS AMONG US[/pmc_box]

This is my first full-length fantasy novel and will be part of a longer series. I’m still working out the finer details of the plot and will provide a proper synopsis soon. This project is on hold until 2018 when I will have time to work on it (once I bring my work commute down from 3 hours to 1 hour).

[pmc_box background_color=”#4188d3″ border_color=”#4188d3″ text_color=”#ffffff” ]PRESS START: MARKETING AND GAMIFICATION[/pmc_box]

This is my first non-fiction book, and my first collaboration with Albert van der Meer. Both Albert and myself are obsessed with games, and this obsession has naturally led us to gamification, the art/science/voodoo of applying gaming principles to real life situations.

Press Start will be focused on how to apply gamification principles to marketing, and will specifically explore the psychology behind motivation. This will be a must-read (I would say that) for any marketing professional looking to improve their customer engagement, and will hopefully provide a fresh perspective for gamification pros.

[pmc_box background_color=”#4188d3″ border_color=”#4188d3″ text_color=”#ffffff” ]THAT’S EVERYTHING, GO HOME[/pmc_box]

Let me know if you have any ideas or would like more info on anything and I will make sure to include it in a future blog post. I’m quite nervous about kicking this all off (as you can probably tell) so any encouragement is welcome. That said, I also welcome the awkward internet silence that haunts the majority of blogs and websites that I visit, so you can do that too.

So that’s it. Post one is done. Go about your lives.

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DSM Griffin

My full name is Daniel SM Griffin (but call me Griff), a European (have been described as British), male human. My views and opinions (like my hair and teeth) are my own.


  • Glad to see you making progress man — really looking forward to gaining some marketing knowledge from you as well. The more you could pass on in this regards the better. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a confident writer but lacking confidence taking the next steps.